About ventilation

Air needs to be replaced everyday in a house. Before, when doors and windows were not airproof, the air was naturally renewed. Nowadays, with modern airproof windows, air is only renewed if you open the windows, and create a draught. That’s why in many countries, ventilation has become compulsory in new homes.

Why is it so important to replace the air?
– First because one person exhale 450 liters or 900 g of Carbon dioxide (CO2) per day, the air becomes unhealthy to breathe
– Because we exhale 0,4l humidity per day, and the steam generated in the bathroom and kitchen has to be evacuated
– Because the air is transparent, we don’t see the importance of airing the rooms. If we could see how bad it can become, we would probably think to ventilate more often.

How to ventilate the rooms you live in?
– Open the windows and doors, 2 times a day if you are in the house all day
– Or install a mechanical ventilation in the rooms you live in, and in the wet rooms (bathrooms and kitchen)
– Or install a general ventilation for the whole house, called Heat Recovery Ventilation, which insure a excellent ventilation without loosing the precious heat of the house.

You can buy a CO2 and humidity air meter, which will tell you when to ventilate your rooms.

I can give you advice about what you could do in your house to improve the air quality.